Men Who Love Cats Love Stark Raving Cat

Men who love cats are trending. Now they can get stylish cat toys with special guy-appeal: Catnip Joints, BATNIP and ACME Cat Bombs. handcrafts them with a heaping dose of humor – purrfect gifts for cat daddies, or any cat-lover. [Press Release] AUSTIN, Texas - September 2015 -- Move over cat ladies: cat dudes are hot – and they’re looking for cat toys to match their man cave, cat cave, and even their bat cave. Good news: has heard their need and … [Read more...]

Luck, Money, or Love: Which Will Neko Bring?

How lucky is your Neko cat? Are you 10 million yen lucky? Or is your luck measured in romance or long life? All Neko cats are lucky, but not in the same way. This traditional Japanese talisman (also known as Maneki Neko, meaning Beckoning Cat) dates back to Japan's Edo Period (1600s). While the basic symbol is the same – an upright cat with paw raised – the cat's paws, color, and gift indicate the type of luck bestowed. For instance: Paws: • Right paw raised brings money and good … [Read more...]

Santa’s Catnip Joints & Holiday Gifts

  Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints: Put the Ho-Ho-Ho in the Holidays Stark Raving Cat’s New Gifts for Cat Lovers Santa stocking with red and white catnip joints, matching Neko collars and earrings, and hip new gifts rock the holiday gift lists for cat ladies and cat dudes. Austin, TX - October 2015 - Catnip Joints look real enough to land you in jail. But these Stark Raving Cat toys are filled with cat weed – super-potent, premium catnip – legal in all 50 states (for … [Read more...]