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If you are wondering why this site has only a few posts over the years it's because we are too busy making and shipping cat toys -- most of the action is on our Instagram account. Please follow us there: Stark Raving Cat on Instagram … [Read more...]

Men Who Love Cats Love Stark Raving Cat

Men who love cats are trending. Now they can get stylish cat toys with special guy-appeal: Catnip Joints, BATNIP and ACME Cat Bombs. handcrafts them with a heaping dose of humor – purrfect gifts for cat daddies, or any cat-lover. [Press Release] AUSTIN, Texas - September 2015 -- Move over cat ladies: cat dudes are hot – and they’re looking for cat toys to match their man cave, cat cave, and even their bat cave. Good news: has heard their need and … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Reviews

Catnip Joints "Your product speaks for itself. No offense, but I really wasn't expecting much when I placed my order. Team Mookeet is so very picky about their catnip, I've pretty much stopped buying other brands. Just about everything I've tried has ended up in the trashcan. They are seriously that picky. When your package arrived, they barely even let me open it. They were tearing into the package and just about had it open on their own. Their previous brand of choice has always been safe … [Read more...]

Catnip Joint Party!

How do cats play with catnip joints? Chase and our friends at Furball Fables show off their stable of cats (Merlin, Fairy Princess, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi) indulging themselves in spirited play with the Telescoping Joint Clip & Catnip Joints. … [Read more...]

Paraphernalia Pack

Telescoping Clip & Catnip Joints Reach out to your cat! * Save on Band-Aids: the telescoping wand prevents scratched hands. * Jiggle the clip under a throw rug or towel, like prey. * Tie a ribbon around a toy; dangle it from the clip. * Clip together loose feathers that fall off other toys. Voila! A new cat toy. * Jingle the bell: it’s time for Catnip Joints. * Clip on a treat like freeze-dried chicken; drive kitty nuts. * Make boring toys fun by tossing them around with the … [Read more...]

Jack Loves His Joints

Love your product! More importantly, Jack loves your product. I have 2 cats and they both love their Christmas gifts. Jack was just more photogenic. Jack is proud to be posted on your site. His sister Laci may get jealous of his fame but with a couple more of these joints, I think she'll be able to cope! Have a great day! - Jeff Yay! Another Stark Raving Cat Sighting, and two satisfied customers. Jack looks like he needs no encouragement, and Jeff: you are an enabler. We get such a kick out … [Read more...]

Santa’s Catnip Joints & Holiday Gifts

  Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints: Put the Ho-Ho-Ho in the Holidays Stark Raving Cat’s New Gifts for Cat Lovers Santa stocking with red and white catnip joints, matching Neko collars and earrings, and hip new gifts rock the holiday gift lists for cat ladies and cat dudes. Austin, TX - October 2015 - Catnip Joints look real enough to land you in jail. But these Stark Raving Cat toys are filled with cat weed – super-potent, premium catnip – legal in all 50 states (for … [Read more...]

Chloe’s First Joint

Stark Raving Cat's customer Chloe grooves on her first catnip joint. Wow, does she like it! She even attacks the packaging. Catnip joints are legal in all 50 states. Available only at Thanks to PrintsForPaws on Etsy and Instagram for shooting this video. High fives from another satisfied customer! … [Read more...]

Not legal in Illinois?

Oh Emmett - that's not legal in Illinois! @laughingsun sent some of these kitty joints to me - and they were immediately misplaced! I found one today and Emmett was a happy boy. They came from @starkravingcat! --bettejo_b … [Read more...]

Ten Tips About Catnip: Legal High for Cats

Follow these tips to give your stark raving cat the best catnip experience. Try our special 5-Star Catnip First, what is catnip? Call it cat weed, cat mint, or catnip, it's the stuff that makes some cats wacky. And as with any herb, freshness matters. What does catnip do to a cat? I'm asked this all the time, usually by spouses who tolerate a partner's cat (or rather, the cat tolerates them). I even had a vet ask me this question. (Gaahhh! Don't they cover catnip in vet-med schools?) … [Read more...]

7 Tips: How to Get Old Cats to Play

Wake Up, Geezer Cats: It's Time to Play! By Pookie and Wolfie, Senior Advisors You'd probably not toss Frisbees to your great grandpa, or chase grandma around the block, so why would you do that to your old cat? (Okay, the Frisbee is a more of a dog thing, but you get the idea.) Myth: Old Cats Won't Play Old cats will play – if you remember that they're old. Don't expect old cats to play like they used to. Arthritic joints, stiff muscles, poor eyesight and other signs of aging … [Read more...]

M Shares a Catnip Joint

M and friends play catnip hockey. … [Read more...]