Stark Raving Cat. Definition: 1) a condition in which a person is cat-obsessed; 2) an intensely feline feline; 3) a crazy cat; 4) a maker of cool toys, treats, and gifts for cats and the cat-obsessed.

Each catnip joint is hand “rolled” with love and care, near Austin, Texas.

To use: Wake up your cat. Run a joint under your cat’s nose, like a fine cigar. Toss a joint toward your cat, high in the air, like prey. Then toss another, and another, and another…

Catnip is legal in all 50 states, for recreational use.

Approved by Tamale, Pookie, Wolfie and a growing family of stark raving cats nationwide.

StarkRavingCat.com: Home of the original catnip joint, and other raving good products. SRC-branded products are exclusively designed by or for Stark Raving Cat (SRC), and sold online and wholesale.

For inquiries, contact us at cat_AT_starkravingcat_DOT_com, or at Stark Raving Cat, PO Box 2261, Wimberley, TX 78676

For photos of cats with catnip joints, see our Press & Media page.

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Meet Stark Raving Kate

Finally! I’ve given in to my inner cat.

For years, I’ve been a foodwriter, written eight books, and won some art awards. A clowder of cats wandered into my life (literally) decades ago.

Yet the prospect of being labeled a “cat lady” kept me from shouting out my love for these wacky, tender little beasts. But no more: I’ve embraced my inner cat.

Cats are funny. Like me, they have a dry sense of humor. They give, they take, they sleep. And they play!

Tamale is our Chief Product Tester. Brothers Wolfie and Pookie are old; when these two geezers play with a toy, we know it’s a winner! Before their mom Zombie died, she actually tested prototypes of our toys, and I think they kept her young and spry (she lived for 17+ years, some of it as a feral).

Why did I start Stark Raving Cat? The problem with many cat toys, especially catnip toys, is: they don’t work. Sure, you need to engage a cat so it plays, but I’ve wasted tons of money on toys that just have no kitty appeal. What are these designers thinking?!!!

Cats are finicky. I can’t guarantee all cats will love Stark Raving Cat toys, but our products are rigorously cat-tested. If they don’t pass our Kitty Committee, we don’t sell ’em.

We’re not “made in China.” Our toys are handmade in the USA: we know exactly what goes into them. Our cats and helping hands get paid fair wages. And we feature only premium catnip in all our products.

Wake up your own stark raving cats – let’s play!

– Stark Raving Kate (Heyhoe)

P.S. I also run the Coffee and Cats Community on Google+. Join us!

Our Kitty Committee

Tamale Selfie

Tamale Selfie

Tamale, Chief Product Tester – Tamale is my closest buddy. She’s smart, sassy, and glued to me most of the time. I nursed her back to health when she was a teensy kitten: her tail was broken in two places and her ears chewed off; but she looked at me with big blue eyes that said “I want to live!” And so she did. She’s spunky, feisty, sweet, and a real cutey. (We found her on the street at the Tamale Festival in Indio, California. Hence her name.)

Wolfie and Zombie at play

Wolfie and Zombie at play

Wolfie, Senior Advisor – Wolfie is a sweetie-pie. The only cat that doesn’t hide when strangers show up. Wolf-Boy and his late mom Zombie formed a black-cat clique. They were best buddies. I think he misses her, so I give him extra love and attention…when he’s awake. We walk to the far end of the yard together, where his exercise routine is play, play, and more play.

Pookie the Pretzel

Pookie the Pretzel

Pookie, Senior Advisor – Pookie’s not only old, he’s deaf now too. But that doesn’t stop him from whacking at catnip joints or high-flyer wands. He’s a willful cat: the only one to scale up and over the 6-foot chain link fence. He’s also a talker and can be very affectionate…when he feels like it. As you can see from the photo, he’s made of rubber.