Telescoping Wand with Cord
Wand with Cord & Batnip BatTelescoping Wand in ActionTelescoping Wand in Action

Telescoping Wand with Clip & Cord

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Telescoping wand with clip and 6-foot cord is the perfect cat toy accessory.


Product Description

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Telescoping wand with clip extends a full 32 inches, and comes with 6 feet of stretchy mesh cord. Perfect for Batnip and Catnip Joints.

The lightweight cord dances and glides through the air. A cat becomes engaged by seeing movement (as if chasing prey), and this tool makes Batnip walk, fly or flap its wings. Or attach the cord to any toy, old or new, and watch your cat’s eyes light up, as you wiggle the toy across the floor or the swoop it through the air. (My favorite use: teasing Tamale with it, from under a closed door.)

PLUS: Saves on Band-Aids; prevents scratched hands.

Cord colors: choose from hot pink or neon green

Hangtag is blank inside, to write a gift message.

What to do with a Telescoping Wand Kit?

Reach out to your cat!

* Tie the cord to a toy; dangle it from the clip.
* Jiggle the clip under a throw rug or towel, like prey.
* Clip on loose feathers or old toys. Voila! A new cat toy.
* Clip on a treat; drive kitty nuts.
* Make boring toys fun again.
* Wiggle your wand: Exercise your cat!

Play with your cat by moving the wand over, under, or inside a…
…Paper bag (with cat in it)
…Box (with cat in it)
…Cracked-open door (with cat on the other side)
…Throw-rug, blanket or towel

Perfect for the Batnip Cat Toy

Additional Information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 3.5 x .75 in

Green, Pink

2 reviews for Telescoping Wand with Clip & Cord

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    A “must-have!” Versatile and critical – I use this for catnip joints, batnip, and for many of my cats other toys! I LOVE this thing!

  2. 5 out of 5


    My cats go crazy for the Telescoping Wand with cord and clip. I bought the hot pink one which is easy for me to find and the cats to follow. Everyday one of them has her paws on it. I highly recommend this, and of couse they love the catnip joints as well! -Laura on Etsy

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