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the cat on my head

Cat Wisdom 101 Gift Guide for Cat Lovers (Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints)

Cat Wisdom 101

Catnip is the #1 gift of choice of kitties everywhere and our #1 choice for potent ‘nip with explosive cuteness is combo of catnip, toy, charm and stocking is Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints from StarkRavingcat.com They are famous for their catnip “joints” but if that’s too risque, they have catnip candy canes and other holiday and hostess gifts. The products are handmade in Texas and they ship fast worldwide. The scent is irresistible (our Odin went a bit berserk) so store the nip products in a safe place when not in use.


the cat on my head

Nippy Goodness Can Be Yours!, a review of Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints.

the cat on my head

This limited edition stocking is designed for hanging on the Christmas tree or mantle. A red-and-white pair of catnip joints (topped with tiny Santa hats) peeks out from a traditional red stocking. From the ribbon on the front hangs a silver-tone cat-and-mouse charm. It’s perfect to add to your cat’s collar, a key chain or a necklace to wear it as a pendant.

It is evident from our photos that we liked this product. The nip is so potent it permeated the stocking and it’s hang tag. Mauricio wouldn’t let go of these items or stop licking the tag. Lily Olivia liked the easy-to-hold joints the best. We think this would be a great gift for all nip-loving kitties. Stark Raving Cat’s Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints also would be a great present…(full review)


cat lady confidential

The Ultimate 2015 Catspired Gift Guide (Santa’s Rocking Stocking Catnip Joints)


cat lady confidential

The 2015 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Cat Ladies (Deluxe Neko Earring & Collar Set)



13 Cat-Approved Gifts for Fabulous Felines (And Their Humans) (Catnip Joints)



21 Gifts For People Obsessed With Their Pets (Catnip Joints)


Supercompressor Chill Cat

Chill Catnip Joints For Chill Cats
by Jeremy Glass

Aren’t cats the best?! They’re happy, loyal, quick-witted, and cute. Yes, these squishy little discount-puppies are, indeed, man’s second-best friend. To ease the pain of buying a cat only because they were out of dogs, a nice company out in Texas called Stark Raving Cat—whose only fault is loving felines too much—has created Catnip Joints to chill your cat out and let you reevaluate your choices in domestic animals…


Dude I Want That

…Though I’m pretty sure Catnip Joints are the inverse of marijuana joints. In the sense that all the cats I’ve ever seen lie around and sleep all day, pausing only to look at you with complete disinterest and excruciatingly slow blinks, until they get their paws on some catnip. Then they’re darting and rolling and hopping all over the living room like an epileptic monkey on hot coals…



by Hannah Gale for Metro.co.uk

Anyone who’s ever given their feline a helping of catnip will know the sheer euphoria it brings for your cat, but mostly for you, because it’s just so darned hilarious…So yeah, totally legal, totally fun and your cat deserves a pack for Christmas.



Legal in all 50 states! These hilarious catnip joints from Stark Raving Cat are hand rolled with only the finest leaves and buds. Perfect for tossing around and enticing kitty to play, before she passes out…



Stoner Kitties Are Gonna Love These Catnip Joints

No need to declaw your kitty this month. These Catnip Joints will have your precious cat cool, calm and collected…



Now Kitties Can Celebrate Furr-20 With These Catnip Joints

Catnip is like ganja for felines, so it only makes sense that it would come rolled up in a joint. Stark Raving Cat is selling a 5-pack of these Catnip Joints for $10. It’s about time cats got their own smoke…



Catnip Joints, Cigarette-Style Catnip Toys
for Those Kitties Who Wish to Partake
by Lori Dorn

Stark Raving Cat, a feline-focused company based in Austin, Texas, has designed a creative line of hand-rolled catnip joints made specifically for kitties who wish to partake, without the mess or the irritating smoke of that stinky stuff that humans use to get high. Just don’t bogart that joint, my friend…



Catnip Joints
by Sam Jordan

Any Colorado cat knows there’s something unusual about those cigarettes his owner is smoking all the time. Now, kitties across the US can indulge in the fun with – here it comes – Catnip Joints…



“Kiffende Katzen” – Handgerollte Catnip-Joints für Katzen

Was für den Kiffer das Marihuana, ist für Katzen die “Katzenminze”. Laut Wikipedia ist das genetisch bedingt und bei nur rund 50 Prozent der Schmuse-Tiger ausgeprägt. Zudem ist auch noch unklar, warum geschlechtsreife Katzen überhaupt auf den Geruch so abfahren. Vielleicht ist es ja wie bei den Menschen, die einen finden das Kiffen toll, andere fahren darauf überhaupt nicht ab.

Wie auch immer: Ein amerikanischer Anbieter kam nun auf die Idee die Katzenminze in Joint-Form zu rollen und zu verkaufen…


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