KulKeys Kats

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1. Pirate tries to steal Smokey’s Catnip Joint, while Inky howls with pleasure.

2. Gracie: bug-eyed with joy over her Catnip Joint.

3. Fred “smokes” a Vapor Trail Joint, Sunny guards her Woodstock Joint.

KulKeys original note on G+ was:

Look what came in the mail today. The “joints” were a big hit with every one. Sunny was bogarting the one with the vapor trail and Fred took a shine to the “Woodstock” joint. Pirate tried to steal Smokey’s away from him, and Inky was howling with pleasure. Keywee tried to smoke hers. Gracie was just bug-eyed with joy. Thank you Stark Raving Cat for giving them Christmas in March – KulKeys (from the Florida Keys)

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