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Thanks for visiting a little online store for Cats and Cat Lovers, including Catnip Joints, ACME Cat Bombs, Neko Earrings & Cat Collars, and mostly handmade crazy cat stuff! Home of the original catnip joint.

Each joint is unique: hand "rolled" with love and care, near Austin, Tx. Approved by Tamale, Pookie, Wolfie and a growing family of stark raving cats nationwide.

To use: Wake up your cat. Run a joint under your cat's nose, like a fine cigar. Toss a joint toward your cat, high in the air, like prey. Then toss another, and another, and another...



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Reviews on Etsy


Reviewed by penny allen
Catnip Joints

I can't say enough good things about this! GREAT products, fast shipping, excellent customer service and a whole lot of love. These are AWESOME! Durable, rolled very fat and full of the good stuff! :) The cats love them. Some go crazy, Seamus gets mellow. Do your cat a favor and buy these! Not only are they entertained by the nip, but you will get some laughs too!


Reviewed by Jennifer St Pierre
Catnip Joints

My second time ordering and definitely not my last! My cats love the joints and they also got to try out the new Acme toys which are of course a huge hit with them. Great products and awesome customer service!


Reviewed by misssuzylee3
ACME Cat Bombs

Thank you so much! My cats love these!


Reviewed by Amy Rose
3-Joint Nirvana Gift Set

Love these! I bought three at a time (one for each of my stoner-kitty friends) and each bag was completely unique. I had a hard time deciding which one I liked best! My friends will get a kick out of these. Can't wait to give them as gifts! Thank you!


Reviewed by Amanda Wolan
Catnip Joints

AMAZING! My cat loves them! The packaging is super creative and funny! Absolutely loved them for our furbabies!


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