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High Flyers, Set of 2 Cat Wands with 4 feet of cord, 7 feet long end to end

Out of stock

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We hope to have a redesigned product available later this year. In the meantime, check out our Telescoping Wands with any of our other toys (like Batnips or Joints) as a substitute.

Set of 2: Hot Pink and Neon Green

Cats jump for this 7-foot long toy. A full 4 feet of cord lets you sit on the couch (or stand on the stairs) and whip up your cat’s energy from a distance. The lightweight cord flies through the air with ease. Like a Chinese acrobat it loops, swirls, dips and glides. Colorful bursts in lizard, frog, star and flower shapes slip up and down the stretchy cord, letting kitty swipe, push and pull them around, as if capturing prey. Store extra shapes at the top to slide down for variety. Bonus wiggle play: Turn the stick around to dangle 8-inches of shiny satin ribbons in kitty’s zone.

Great for old cats: Kittens play with anything, but our High Flyers also get adult, senior and fat cats moving. Old geezers like Wolfie prefer toys that are gentle on tired bones and stiff joints. Soft, airy High Flyers grab their attention, and give them the satisfaction of “capturing prey,” without straining themselves. Pookie and Wolfie, our Senior Advisors, agree: this is our type of toy! (Note: These lightweight toys are designed to engage a cat into active but gentle play; they may not be suitable for powerful cats and rough treatment.)

Handmade with Love and Care in the USA

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Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 19 x 1 x .75 in

1 review for High Flyers (Out of Stock)

  1. 5 out of 5


    Reviewed by Donna Arnold
    My cats loved these! Even my cat that doesn’t normally play with toys went crazy for these. Thank you! More Reviews

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