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5-Star Catnip (Wholesale 3-Pack)

Premium Grind Super Strength Catnip

Sorry! Only Wholesale customers can purchase this product!

Product Description

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Premium Grind

Freshly ground, super strength catnip
With gift bag and tag

Wholesale price: $12.00 for a bundle of 3
SRP: $8.00 each

“OMG, yes! This is the best nip we’ve ever come across!” – Ninja, Scout, Dimes, Saturn, Nobi and Bear

Our 5-Star Winner: Hundreds of customers, and 100% of reviewers, give our catnip products 5-stars. This is the same catnip used in all our products (including our original Catnip Joints).

We start with super potent catnip – no fillers, just leaves and buds. Then we hand grind this catnip in small-batches to release the essential oils that drive cats batty. Each order is freshly ground, to release the most aroma and feline frenzy impact.

This catnip is super strong, so a little dab will do ya. Sprinkle on cat toys or play areas. Store a small amount in the tin, and freeze the rest to retain freshness.

Comes in a reusable clear-top tin, with gift card and fancy organza bag. Purrfect as a gift or stocking stuffer. Better yet, combine it with our Catnip Joints, Baby Batnip, or other catnip toy. Dab a little on for extra kick, or to refresh an old toy, and watch your cat go bonkers.

What you get (per tin; wholesale pack contains 3 tins):

Air-tight tin with clear top
Premium, freshly ground catnip (half-ounce in plastic bag)
Organza drawstring gift bag
Stark Raving Cat gift card (blank inside)

Additional Information

Weight 0.2625 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in


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