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Neko Earring & Collar Set (Wholesale 3-Pack Bundle)

Cat Collar & Gift Earrings

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Cats and cat-lovers now have their own matching look. And it sounds so happy!

(Wholesale sold in a bundle of 3: one each of black, red and pink)

Each matching set has a suggested retail price of $16.00.


* Handmade earrings: Silver-plated earring hooks, with elegant flat wires; a copper bell with joyful jingle and adorable Neko face.

* Black cat earring card; tubular ear nuts prevent earrings from slipping off.

* Breakaway collar, fits 7 to 12 inches. Metal D-ring and heavy-duty split ring for bell.

* Hanging card opens up, blank inside (write a greeting, add your own message)

* Neko bells: Copper, with a bright, crisp jingle; each 1/2 inch wide x 7/8 inch tall

* Collar colors: Black, Red, Pink

Card Back reads:

Luck, Money or Love:
Which Will Neko Bring?

How lucky is your Neko cat? A million yen lucky? Or rich in romance or long life? Maneki Neko (“Beckoning Cat”) dates to Japan’s Edo Period (1600s). The paws, color, and gifts indicate the type of luck bestowed. This copper bell with happy jingle is one of the luckiest Neko styles:

* Right paw raised brings money and good fortune
* White for purity, creativity, a positive future
* A koban, gold coin worth a huge sum of money
* Bib, collar & bell, cherished adornments

Shopkeepers believe Neko figurines bring good business. Keep one by your computer. Better yet, put a Neko on your cat’s collar – because as we all know, cats love to come between you and your computer.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 8.75 x 5.75 x 3.5 in


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