Set of Three Baby Batnips
Pink and Blue Baby BatnipsGreen Baby Batnip

Baby Batnip (Wholesale 3-Pack Bundle)

Baby Batnips: Colorful felt bat with catnip

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Baby Batnips – WHOLESALE

Baby Batnip: Adorable! Felt bat and catnip drive your cat batty. Make the baby swirl, fly, and flap about. Some cats carry Baby Batnips around like prey, others swat at them in the air. Our CEO Tamale sleeps on them like pillows, which is super-cute. (Tamale says the hanging Batnips look like colorful flower bouquets.)

Every baby is unique: I handtrim each one, and details (ribbon, feather, and thread) vary. A Single Baby Batnip is about 6 inches long.

Wholesale bundles consist of three singles to a bundle, with one each of Pink, Green and Blue Batnip per bundle. Each single includes a yard of bright, bouncy jelly cord and a Baby Batnip gift tag (blank inside.)

Here’s what you get per single Batnip:
• Baby Batnip catnip toy(s), with premium catnip
• 3 feet of bright, bouncy cord (for dangling the batnip)
• Baby Batnip gift tag (blank inside.)

Neon Green
Hot Pink
Rich Blue

Price: $12 per bundle of three single Batnips. Suggested retail price: $8 per single Batnip.

Materials: Fabric: all-natural wool felt blend (no synthetics). Catnip: No fillers, no stuffing, no poly, just densely packed, pure, premium catnip. (Check the 5-star reviews of our Catnip Joints to see how potent it is; cats have ripped open the mailers to get to our toys).

NOTE: If you prefer other colors or combinations, contact us and we may be able to do a special request.

Additional Information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 5.5 x 1 in


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