Piñata for Cats with Filling
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Piñata for Cats, with Catnip Toys


Catnip Toys inside a Colorful Piñata


Product Description

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A real mini-piñata filled with cat toys! Open the trap door, swing it from the cord, and let the goodies fall out – instant fiesta for cats!

Our Piñata comes with soft playthings – pompoms, crinkle shreds, handmade catnip “coins,” and our adorable Itty Bitty Catnip Kitties. PLUS: a bonus packet of our potent 5-Star Catnip (toss the pompoms in the catnip to make the pawty even more fun).

Piñatas are meant to be destroyed – it’s part of the fun. But if you’re careful, you can reuse this cute burrito again and again: swing the piñata just out of paw’s reach, and let the cats dive for the falling toys.

(Want more fun? Toss a few of your cat’s favorite kitty crunchies into the mix. Meow!)

Stark Raving Cat’s piñata makeover features: A big, shiny bell that jingles when shaken; bright feathers on crown and tail; googly eyes; a bouncy cord and loop; a shiny “silver saddle,” and a teensy cat cut-out. A trap door on bottom lets the toys fall through – all soft items: nothing hard to bop a cat’s nose. And for extra excitement: colorful, crinkly paper shreds.

Here’s what you get:

Mini-Piñata (10” tall x 6” wide x 3” deep)
Bouncy cord for swinging
5-Star Catnip Packet
Assorted pompoms
Assorted catnip “coins”
Itty Bitty Catnip Kitties (2)
Crinkle paper shreds

Choose between a Donkey (Burro) or a Bull. They may look similar but the bull has paper horns.

Note: Each piñata is handmade; expect variations in embellishments, colors and feathers. Like snowflakes (and cat personalities), no two are exactly alike.


Additional Information

Weight 0.15625 lbs
Dimensions 13 x 4 x 3 in

Donkey, Bull


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