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Cool Cats


Cool Cats Handmade Cat Toy


Product Description

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Cool Cats rock! With red cat-eye glasses, premium 5-Star Catnip and a touch of padding in all natural felt. An organza loop on the back lets you swing your Cool Cat from a cord, to give your cat extra fun, fun, fun. And the embroidered design is just too cool!

These happy cat toys make everyone smile. Especially catnip-loving cats.

FOR ALL CATS: Cats who don’t respond to catnip also love Cool Cats – because of the size and bouncy shape of these toys. And catnip-loving cats go bonkers. (Drooling and slobbering from our potent 5-Star Catnip is both allowed and encouraged.)

SIZE: Each Cool Cat is about the size of a well-fed mouse or small bird, and very lightweight. (Cats love toys that resemble prey.) Measurements: 3 inches wide, 2-1/5 inches tall, and 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick

How do cats play with these toys? – Some cats toss and carry them around like prey. You can also hang the Cool Cat from a cord, using the loop in the back. Or better yet, dangle them from one of our Telescoping Wands with Cord.

SHIPPING NOTE: Shipping costs are the same for 1 or 4 Cool Cat toys, and are also reduced when combined with other items (add the items to your cart to see overall shipping costs, before checking out.)

Be cool! Buy several Cool Cats and give them to all your cat-loving friends.

1 toy $8.00
2 toys $15.00
3 toys $21.00
4 toys $27.00

Additional Information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 2 in

1 toy, 2 toys, 3 toys, 4 toys


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