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Catnip Confetti


Confetti includes ribbon, feathers, and catnip


Product Description

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Whee! Throw an instant party with Catnip Confetti. Each piece features a ribbon loop to swing your confetti from a cord – or just toss it in the air.

Let the good times roll! Choose from sets of 2 or 4 Small Confetti, or a Large Confetti Medallion. Better yet, get some of each size, and have a Mardi Gras celebration.

Each confetti piece is handmade in party colors, using bright ribbons, festive feathers, and freshly ground, premium catnip.

(Like snowflakes, no two confetti pieces are exactly alike. They’re handmade, and some elements, like feathers and ribbons, may vary slightly.)

Small Confetti: 2 inches in diameter (plus ribbon and feathers)
Large Medallion Confetti: 3-1/8 inches in diameter (plus ribbons and feathers)

What you get:

Set of 2 Small: one of each style of ribbon (dots & zig-zags)
Set of 4 Small: two of each style of ribbon (dots & zig-zags)
Large Medallion: one large piece with black cat ribbon

SAVE on shipping, and get price breaks, by ordering sets:

1 Large Medallion: $7
2 Small Confetti: $8
4 Small Confetti: $14
2 Small Confetti + 1 Large Medallion: $14
4 Small Confetti + 1 Large Medallion: $19

Additional Information

Weight .08 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 2 x 2 in

Large Medallion, Set of 2 Small, Set of 4 Small, 2 Small + 1 Large, 4 Small + 1 Large


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